Glossier “Phase 1” Review

Hi everyone!

This is a post I have been so excited to make because:

1. I love glossier

2. I finally got to test and play around with their skincare products.

I will be reviewing the phase 1 set, which is Glossier’s basic skin essentials. The set includes:

  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser
  2. Priming Moisturizer
  3. Balm Dotcom (the flavor of your choice)
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Here are my thoughts on these cult favorites:

Milky Jelly Cleanser

  • Time used: 4 Weeks.
  • Observations: – It is not like a normal cleanser (foam free) and it does not irritate your eyes, meaning that you can open your eyes while using the cleanser. It is a combination of a jelly cream that takes your makeup come off if used on dry skin and it simply cleanses when used on wet skin.
  • What I like: It does not make my face tight and it is very moisturizing. Other cleansers leave my skin feeling tight and dry afterward but this one is very gentle and moisturizing. My skin feels extremely soft and clean.
  • What I don’t like: I use the cleanser to remove my makeup but I feel like it does not remove my foundation completely because when I use my toner the cotton comes out dirty. For it to completely remove my makeup, I have to use about 3 or 4 pumps.
  • To whom would I recommend it to: EVERYONE! This is a very gentle cleanser that would work for any skin type in my opinion. It is moisturizing and mattifies your face at the same time.
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Priming Moisturizer

  • Time used: 4 weeks
  • Observations: Fast absorption.
  • What I like: It is quick and easy to use. I am always in a rush in the morning so I mix my foundation and my moisturizer to create a bb cream (kind of) and I find that it mixes very well with my foundation and it sets pretty quickly. Foundation looks good on top of it, it creates a nice base for your foundation.
  • What I don’t like: I have a combination skin type. My t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry, so I find that it works just fine on those oily parts of my face but the rest of my skin feels as though it needs a bit more hydration, especially during the winter.
  • To whom would I recommend it to: I would recommend this to someone who was looking for just a primer but not a moisturizer I feel like you need to use a separate moisturizer with this in order for your skin to get proper hydration.
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Balm Dotcom

  • Time used: 4 weeks.
  • Observations: The balm is supposed to be a salve but after a couple of weeks mine started to become an oil. It kind of applies as a gloss after you have spread it on your lips, unlike the EOS lip balm that feels thicker and ends up drying your lips.
  • What I like: It is extremely hydrating! My lips have suffered during the winter and this has been their savior. Not only does it feel luxurious, nourishing and nice but the coconut one smells like paradise.😍
  • What I don’t like: It started to melt even though I always kept it in cool places but regardless it still does the job and my lips love it! Not much to dislike.
  • To whom would I recommend it to: EVERYONE THAT HAS LIPS!
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Overall I am VERY pleased with my purchase. The packaging that it came in was so aesthetically pleasing and cute (as everything they do). I think glossier is every girl’s dream brand. They represent the cool new york women everyone ones to be. I love their brand, what they stand for, and their products. I hope they come up with bigger sizes for each product because I am using them non-stop.

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Self-Love & Care⭐️

Hola Hola!

Esta semana se me ocurrio hacer un articulo sobre cosillas que hacer para relajarse y practicar el amor/cuidado propio. Aveces despues de una semana estresante ya sea por el trabajo, la escuela o la vida en general es bueno darse un detox para empezar la semana con energias nuevas. Aveces puede ser que nuestro entorno nos mantiene ocupados  o estamos viviendo para llenar expectativas de los demas que nos olvidamos de hacer las cosas que enrealidad nos gustan y nos relajan.

Asi que aqui les dejo una lista de ideas para hacer:

  1. Ir a tu restaurante favorito sola y probar algo nuevo.
  2. Ir a un cafe y leer un libro o simplemente observar el ambiente.
  3. Tomar un baño y ver tu pelicula favorita.
  4. Probar hacer algo nuevo en el gimnasio.
  5. Organizar tus cosas y regalar o botar lo que ya no necesites.
  6. Orar y hacer un devocional o meditar.
  7. Ir a conocer un lugar local nuevo.
  8. Comer tu ice cream favorito #sinculpa.
  9. Salir a tomar un cafe o a comer con una amiga y platicar por horas.
  10. Hacer tu propio spa day en tu casa o incluso ir a un spa.
  11. Cambiar de look.
  12. Comprarte tu perfume favorito. (Derrochar un poquito😉)
  13. Escuchar un podcast.
  14. Cocinar algo que nunca has comido.
  15. Ordenar algo para comer y quedarte la tarde viendo Netflix.
  16. Trabajar en algun proyecto de tu interes (un mood board, journaling, una idea de negocio…etc).
  17. Escribir por lo que estas agradecida.
  18. Ir a una galeria de arte o museo.
  19. Dibujar o pintar.
  20. Hacer cualquier cosa que te haga feliz.
  21. Deshacerte de amistades toxicas.
  22. Acostarte mas temprano.

Muchas de estas opciones son cosas pequeñas que parecen insignificantes pero que hacen la diferencia en nuestra vida. En lo personal creo que darse un gusto de vez en cuando y salir sola es parte de cuidarse y quererse. Hacer las cosas que te gusten o cosas que nunca haces por el ajetreo de la vida te ayudan a relajarte y a pasar mas tiempo con vos misma y en realidad conocerte. El no invertir y cuidar de nosotros nos hace vivir vidas toxicas llenas de amargura y estres asi que aprendamos amarnos y a cuidar de nuestra mente y cuerpo para poder amar y cuidar de otros y asi vivir una vida llena de felicidad y pasion por lo que hacemos.

El cuidar de nosotros mismos es una cosa del dia a dia, considerandonos en cada decision y acción que tomamos y en como nos afecta. Por supuesto no estoy diciendo que seamos egoistas y solo velemos por nuestros intereses pero al contrario estar mas al pendiente de nuestra mente y de nuestro cuerpo para poder transmiritir ese mismo positivismo a otros.

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” -Deborah Day

Para mas ideas pueden ver mi pinterest board sobre self care:


This week I thought I would write an article about things you can do to relax and practice self-love/care. Sometimes after a stressful week, whether it is because of your job, school or life, in general, it is a good idea to give yourself a detox to start the week with renewed energies.  Sometimes our own surroundings and environment keep us so busy fulfilling everyone’s expectations that we forget about doing those things that we really enjoy doing and that makes us feel relaxed. 

So here is a list of ideas of things that you can do:

  1. Go to your favorite restaurant by yourself and try something new. 
  2. Go to a coffee shop and read a book or just simply enjoy and observe the environment. 
  3. Take a bath and watch your favorite movie.
  4. Try something new at the gym.
  5. Organize your things and give away or throw out those things that you don’t really need.
  6. Pray and have a devotional or meditate.
  7. Go and visit a local place you have never been before.
  8. Eat your favorite ice cream #guiltfree
  9. Go out to have a cup of coffee or go out with a friend and talk for hours.
  10. Have your own spa day at home or even go to an actual spa.
  11. Get a fresh new look.
  12. Buy your favorite perfume. (splurge a little😉)
  13. Listen to a podcast.
  14. Cook something you have never had before.
  15. Order takeout and stay watching Netflix.
  16. Work on a project of your interest. (mood board, journaling, a business idea…etc).
  17. Write down what you are thankful for.
  18. Go to an art gallery or museum.
  19. Paint or draw something.
  20. Do anything that makes you happy.
  21. Get rid of toxic friendships.
  22. Go to bed early.

Most of these options are small things that seem meaningless but do make the difference in our lives. I personally believe that treating yourself every once in a while and going out alone is part of loving caring for yourself. Doing the things that you like or doing things you never do because of how busy life is can help you relax and spend time with yourself and as a result get to know yourself a little better. When we don’t invest and take care of ourselves.

To take care of ourselves is a day by day thing, having into consideration how our decision and actions affect us. Of course, I am not saying that we must be selfish and only look after our self-interests but to be more aware of our minds and bodies so that we may be able to transmit the same positivity to others. 

For more ideas on self-care, you can look through my Pinterest board:



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