Trip to SF MOMA

Last week, I was looking for stuff to do in the city and I found out that I could go in for free to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. So I embarked myself into this adventure. I do not think I had ever been to an art museum before and if I have, then oh well, what a memory. In all honesty, I was kind of skeptical about this trip to the museum because, first of all; I did not know how to get there and well the idea of staring at a canvas was really intriguing, secondly, I was going by myself. Luckily, I managed to get there on time( I was so proud of myself ) because I got there without the help of anyone ( jk google maps helped me :D) I went in and surprisingly I caught myself not staring at the art but at the people appreciating it. For some reason, it seemed far more interesting to see the faces and looks on the people than to see the actual pieces of art. That was until I got into the photography section of the museum. It was very interesting. Although I do not remember any of the artist’s name I sure did enjoy the experience. I think I will make it my monthly goal to enrich myself with as much culture as I can.


Genesis Rodriguez.

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