Old Shows

I can’t contain my excitement when old shows are involved . For some really weird reason I am madly fascinated by old TV shows . Everything from their script to the clothing is honestly so amazing.I have to say it , They don’t make shows as they made them back then . One of the things that maybe is one of the reasons why I love old shows so much is the fact that I am very intrigued about old fashion and just what used to be cool back in the day  The funny thing is that I wasn’t even born when most of them aired . I discovered some of them a couple of years ago , and others I grew watching them .  Anyways , here you have them :

  1. Full House: This is one of my all time favorite tv shows in THE ENTIRE WORLD!! I used to binge watch full house for hours and hours and I wouldn’t get bored but then Netflix removed it *cries* . My love for full house is so deep that I even cried in some of the episodes . If you have not watched it yet , then amigo do yourself a favor a WATCH IT! haha .  Favorite Character: MichelleFull-house_1987_cast.jpg


2.Boy Meets World: This show was so emotional . Even though some times it was very cheesy , I loved it. I loved how Mr. Feeny thought Cory life lesson . Honestly I want a teacher like Mr. Feeny  . I used to have a crush on Shawn Hunter. This was a great family sitcom , it is in my top 5.


3. The Nanny : Oh My , Where to begin ?  At the beginning duh . This show was the best from begging to end . Everything from the theme song to how it ended was just on point. I don’t think anybody would have done justice to  Fran Fine as Fran Drescher did. It is such a funny and entertaining show  and it has a million seasons which is great if you binge watch shows like I do , the fun never ends.


4. Saved By The Bell: I used to fangirl about this show ( I know , ridiculous haha) .  A friend of mine introduced me to it when we where in 10th grade .The thing I love the most about this show was Zach haha jk it was the clothes .I love how they used to dress back then . The show is in a way cliche but really entertaining and funny so if you have nothing to do watch it . It took me less than a week to watch all of it. It is on Netflix.


5. That 70’s Show: For some reason when I first watched it I thought it was filmed in 2015 or 2016 , but turns out it was not haha . It was filmed in 1998! It just gives you the feeling that it was filmed recently for some reason . This is by far the funniest show I have seen . Every single character is so funny . This is definitely a great show . I always sing along with the theme song haha , and if the fact that it is extremely funny doesn’t make you watch then my friend let me tell you that Ashton Kutcher is in it. You are welcome.


6. The Dick Van Dyke Show: This is oldest out of all the shows I’ve listed , it aired in 1961 . I recently discovered this one . Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies and Dick Van Dyke was in it . One day as I was browsing through Netflix I spotted it and I immediately started watching it since Dick Van Dyke was in it. The first few minutes had me so startled , I couldn’t imagine that such an old show could be this funny.


If you get the chance to watch any of these please do , they are so good. Now that I think about it all of them have these things in common : they are old , funny and emotional . A perfect combination . Any who Enjoy and I hoped you liked this list of shows .


Genesis Rodriguez.

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