San Francisco Adventures

Reading Week ( aka no classes during A WEEK!) started which means touring San Francisco begins. This was so exciting since I haven’t properly toured San Francisco( I know , who lives in this amazing city and explores it a month after living here, me that’s who). This week is my chance to do it.

Day 1:


  1. Taking the bart
  2. Going to Westfield and not buying anything haha (that student life tho)
  3. Getting on a bus
  4. Arriving at the Painted Ladies
  5. Walking all the way to Japan Town
  6. Trying weird deserts at Japan Town
  7. Making our way to Russian Hill ( I don’t even know how I made it )
  8.  Taking Pictures at Russian Hill.
  9. Walking all the way to Fishermans Wharf
  10. Buying lemonade cause the exhaustion was real.
  11. Getting In N’ Out (best part of the day )
  12. Walking all the way from Pier 39 to Embarcadero station under the rain ( I can’t complain it was magical)


Touring is so hard , specially if you are going to be walking . I feel like you must train months in advance but then again I always exaggerate and I haven’t been hitting the gym that often (oops). Living in San Francisco is one of the best things that has ever happen to me . Honestly, if you have the chance to come , DO IT!



PS.  If I go to any other places ( of course am going ) I’ll keep you posted.

Until Then…

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