Favorite Disney and Pixar Movies

If you know me closely you would know how obsessed I am with Disney and Pixar. My admiration for these movies comes not only from their quality and amazing graphics but from the stories that lie behind them. No one has ever done something as amazing and out of this world as Pixar. Pixar and Disney where the ones that made be so fund about animation and made me even want to go to film school. FYI I ended up going to Business School , but it is as amazing believe me. Having said that I will list 8 of my  all time favorite Disney Pixar Movies.



Ratatouille was first released in 2007 . I was 8 years old back then , and ever since then I have watched that film like a billion times. Each time I watch this movie I get something different from it.  The graphics on this film are so pleasing to watch . Pixar did such a good job at making Paris look like Paris is. Every detail from Linguini’s Apartment to Gusteau’s  kitchen is so beautiful , it just make me want to live there. If I were to live in a Disney Pixar Movie it would definitely be in Ratatouille. The scenarios and the places are so cozy and Parisian. The overall story is so touching, specially Ego’s review , where the whole story is kind of summarized in my opinion. “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

2. Monsters, Inc.


Okay this one is one that I grew up watching . I remember that it was almost always on on Disney Channel. I even had a spoon of Monsters Inc. that came in a cereal box. This movie is a reminder that Disney and Pixar take a simple concept such as “monsters under your bed ” and they create something out of this world with it. Like who came up with this idea, that monsters are not bad but they scare you to provide energy for their city ? A genius I bet.

3. The Good Dinosaur


The Good Dinosaur is a recent one. It was released last year. I am guilty of going to the movies several time just to watch this film. I felt very identified with  Arlo,the main character, because he was tiny and so am I . The center theme of this movie is ;confronting you fears and the way Pixar depicted this concept was very touching and heart-warming. The main character faces trials of many kinds and along the way he makes a human friend that changes things for him. If you have yet not watched this movie please do , although it is not Pixar’s most famous movie is definitely one of the best in my opinion.

4. Finding Nemo


An oldie but a goodie. Again , what would a great Disney Pixar movie be without a powerful storyline?  I will not get tired of saying this ; Disney takes a small concept and turns it into something out of this world. This father-son story is so moving, because how can a father traveling the entire sea to find his son not be emotional ? This movie is a very well made combo , you get the emotions and a laugh here and there thanks to Dory.

5. Brave 


Breaking tradition for a better future. Merida is challenged by tradition and her family when they want to dictate her life . Disney brought out this new independent and strong princess which I love. Her wild and free spirit are all depicted in her hair. This movie involves magic, animals and a family miscommunication which all lead to make the movie to be so entertaining.

6. Inside Out 


I was thrilled when Inside Out was announced . Short Story ; I went to the movies with excitement to the tops to watch this movie , turns out that in the middle of the movie something happened and they could not continue playing the movie so we had to wait like 30 mins to get to watch the movie again . They refunded our money and everything. Any who this is a really cool concept. I liked how they mixed psychology , emotions and memories . I think is really cool how they came up with how emotions work inside of you , and besides the movie is really cute.

7. Big Hero 6


If you have not seen Big Hero 6 is basically a story about two brothers who love robots and from that the whole story starts.I do not want to spoil it for you but it is great , all of the characters have something particular about themselves. One of my favorite characters is Honey Lemon. She is just so cute and I love everything about her , her outfits , glasses and the chemistry.This is by far one of Disney’s coolest movies ever. I was so excited for this to come out. Everything in this movie is amazing ,starting from where it is set; San Fransokyo , I live in San Francisco so of course I am going to find this super exciting , the graphics of the city are really cool and the story in general just makes you want to cry and don’t  get me started on how cute Baymax is.Big Hero 6 is a must watch.

8. Frozen


Last but not least, Frozen! How can I not have Frozen as one of my favorites? All I have to say about this is that, this movie changed the game for Disney.The soundtrack is beyond amazing and the animation is out of this world.

Hope you enjoyed !



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