Instagrammable Places in San Francisco

Yesterday morning I decided that I wanted to tour San Francisco  a little more so I  googled : instagrammable places in SF. I came up with two places that I fell in love with one was Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and the other was Clarion Alley. My friend and I decided to go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse which is well-known for its pink sign that says “I got baked in San Francisco”. When we got there, extremely excited for our instagram photo session , we where surprised by a sign that said : “Sorry we are sold out”. We had paid 15 dollars for a lyft to drive us there to take pictures and eat. We where left hungry and sad. So we had to walk to Westfield mall and grab something to eat so that we could go to Clarion Alley instead. That is how we ended up in Clarion Alley. So if you are ever in San Francisco and you are looking for cool instagram shots definitely visit Clarion Alley. If you do go make sure not wear super colorful clothes or else you will clash with the murals.


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