Fashion is you.

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon this amazing video where Iris Apfel was talking about how todays fashion is an uniform and everyone sticks to trends and do not go out the box. That made me think a lot about fashion, so to give myself  a bit more of insight, I watched Iris Apfel’s documentary.

This women is just extraordinary. Her ability to accessorize in such an extrovert way but still remain such a charismatic and humble person is a what makes her so iconic. While I was watching the documentary, I was being amazed every minute, because how can a 90 year old woman be so vibrant and fun? She has kept her unique essence and style through the decades and a true passion for fashion and art as well. To me she is a perfect description of style. She wears designer and things from a market, all put in together to create her iconic outfits.

I love her opinion on fashion, because society has dictated fashion for a long time , turning it to a uniform made up of trends and honestly fashion is you. I have even fallen for this , dressing like other people and not as myself. Fashion is your way to do it, it is being comfortable with what you are wearing, it is to follow your own style and instinct. To be fashionable you don’t have to own a Louis Vuitton bag or a Gucci loafers, yes they are beautiful and well-made but that doesn’t have to be something that hinders you from being well-dressed.

Fashion is being yourself. Fashion is your way of doing things, Fashion is not an established trend is not dressing yourself as the most famous person on earth. What fashion is, is to be able to externalize yourself on a piece of clothing.

Trends are are good but they can become uniforms very easily. I don’t have anything against trends but often I find myself ignoring my own sense of fashion to follow the newest trend. It is okay to get inspiration from other peoples outfits but do not forget about yourself in the process.

I bet that if you take this into consideration your way of dressing will change a lot.





“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.”-Iris Apfel.


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