Staying Active.

We all know the struggle of working out. I am the first to reject an invitation to the gym and that has had its consequences. Recently, I have been staying a little more active because my laziness was just overboard. Even though sometimes I want to workout, the thought of being in the gym makes me tired. So here I have some of the things that help me out when my body is just saying no to exercise.

  1. I try to find what works for me. Wether that is dancing, playing a sport, or going to a class. Find what works for you and stick to it.
  2. Do little exercises throughout the day. For example , if you have a minute or so to spare , do 50 squats.
  3.  Sometimes when I am in the gym in any of the machines, I try to find music that is up to the beat that I am going to , so that I won’t get bored and I can distract myself from the pain of running.
  4. Do youtube workouts when you can be bothered to go to the gym. I really recommend the PopSugar Fitness ones.

This are little things that have helped me get back on track with working out. I understand the struggle, but give it a try.



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