San Francisco You Have My Heart

I have just finished my first year of college, and I could not be more happy with my experience in the most magical city I have ever been to.  In all honesty, I never expected San Francisco to become so dear to my heart. Many people think I am crazy for loving SF so much because of how expensive it is, the strong weed smells in Market St, the vast quantity of homeless people there are and the crowded BART rides.  San Francisco is so much more than that. Walking through the piers having an amazing view of the Bay Bridge, going up Coit Tower and seeing the city, walking through Union Square and thinking there isn’t anything more beautiful, feeling the cold air coming through the golden gate, and the countless breath taking pictures that SF has given me. The other day I even said to a friend that I feel as though cities speak to me haha. I feel connected to San Francisco, I have met amazing people, had unthinkable experiences, and I have gotten to discover myself there. As the Mowglis song says; “I left my head in San Francisco.” I definitely did.


SF I love you.


The pictures below are all mine and show SF through my eyes.

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