Duolingo & Language Learning Tips

Learning languages has always been part of my life. I went to a bilingual school and throughout high school I took french for 3 years and german for 6 months, so I have always been surrounded by different languages. Although learning languages can be fun and helpful, it can sometimes be frustrating and even expensive. So here I bring you an app and some tips that have helped me throughout the years.


  1. Color coordinate your notes 

By color coordinating if a word is either masculine or feminine can make the difference. It will help you review your notes faster and easier. You can not only coordinate for that type of things but for example color coordinate vocabulary or whatever works for you.

2.  Try to think in the language.

Whenever I am learning a new language I try to think all day long in that language. I am one of those people who talks to themselves all the time, so when I was learning french I would talk to myself in french , even though most of the things I said were probably wrong it really helped. Incorporating the new language to your daily routine will make you come familiarized with vocabulary and phrases.

3. Listen to music

This one is one of my favorites. By singing in the language you get better at pronunciation and you get familiarized with the slang that people use in that specific country and with how the language as to sound like.

4. Watching TV and movies. 

This one is similar to #3. This has worked for me so much. Try it even though you find yourself only understanding like two words, that will help you get good at hearing accents and at comprehension.

5. Change the language setting on your phone. 

Do this one if you feel confident enough, I don’t want you not knowing how to get your phone back to your native language.

6. Change your families or friends contact name to how you would say it in the language you are learning. 

To this day I still have my mom and dad as mutter and vater (German)

7. Immerse yourself in the culture.

When you get to know more about the culture you will not only be more excited about it but you will learn gestures and slang that people use in that culture. Learning a language is not only about translating but actually getting the culture when they use common slang and sayings.


I discovered this app/website last year. It was introduced to me by a classmate I had in my mandarin class in college. She is from Brasil so I really wanted to learn Portuguese and she told me that the app helps tons, and it definitely does. It is really easy to use and really interactive. I totally recommend it. I feel like I have learned tons with it. You get to write, listen and speak so it covers up pretty much everything.

Learning languages now a days is super important. The workforce is more and more competitive as each day goes by and we are living within a global generation. By learning a language you not only open your mind to a new culture and perspective but you open more opportunities for yourself.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
‒Nelson Mandela



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