Monthly Favorites!: June

Hi amigos! Today I bring to you my monthly favorites. It is the first time that I do one of these. So, basically I will just go through all the things that I have been loving this month. Everything from food to movies.   😬



I tried acai bowls like 3 months ago at Whole Foods and I hated it! It just tasted weird and it was expensive so I decided that I disliked acai bowls, but now that I am in Honduras for vacations I saw this place on instagram called Puro Juice. They sale cold press juices and all that healthy jazz. Yesterday I ordered one of their acai bowls because I had been seeing a lot of people posting pictures of the place and the food, it looked good so why not give acai a second chance? I just have one word for the Puro Juice Acai: AMAZING. I love it now and it was cheaper. I have nothing against whole foods though haha I love it. If you are ever around here in San Pedro Sula, make sure to go.

Acai Bowl Puro Juice

Clothes & Shoes 

Zara & Stradivarius

Ok. Dear Mr. Amancio Ortega God bless your soul for creating these two stores. I am not even joking when I say this; I went to these two stores like 4 times this week! (EVERYTHING IS ON SALE😍 )without mentioning all the times I have been in the last two months! I just love their clothes, that is it really. Zara and Stradivarius are my all time favorites stores, they just do beautiful clothing at a very affordable price. These stores are in sync with my style.


Palazzo/ Culottes

These two type of pants are one of those trends that use to be super ugly but have come back and are trendy. I love these type of pants but unfortunately they do not suit me at all. I have tried like a billion pairs and they look like if I was about to fly. I still have not given up on finding the best culottes pants. I went to Zara today and found some palazzo type-ish style of pants and got them but we will see if I can find the perfect ones. I wish I found ones that looked like the ones on the picture below.



I have been loving espadrille-everything. They are just beautiful shoes, perfect for the summer. I think they add a je ne sais quoi to your outfit. I recently got some espadrilles slip on shoes and some sandals as well. I got the shoes from Pull & Bear (They say coconut🌴 )and the sandals from Bershka.




Buzzfeed Quizzes

How did I not use this before? How could I miss out on such revolutionary thing which tells you what kind of pasta are you? Okay now on a more serious note , I am obsessed and  I have to say that they have got it right several times that it even got me to really freak out, they guessed my favorite color and city! (They are yellow💛 and Madrid!🇪🇸)   This is a really fun thing to do every once in a while when you find yourself extremely bored.


Cars 3 Movie

As you may know I love animation and Pixar/Disney movies, so  of course  I had to include some type of movie in this monthly favorites. I went to see the cars movie and I am out of words. I have so much respect for the team that worked on that movie. Everything from the short film before the movie to the storyline and animation was perfection. I do not want to give out any spoilers, so PLEASE GO WATCH IT! You won’t regret it.

Car 3

I will include a list of some more favorites below because I will do a seperate post on  those really soon:

  • Davines  Purifying Shampoo
  • Kristy Yu (Youtuber)
  • Zoella Vlogs & Blog

Links to Items Featured in the Post:

Bohoo Pants:

Puro Juice :

Espadrille Shoes: I could not find any links to the shoes. Sorry

“These are a few of my favorite things.”- The Sound Of Music


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