Favorite Youtubers Part 1

Hi guys I decided to make a little post for you guys about my favorite youtubers that do beauty, school, health etc. I decided to make this post because I really enjoy youtube and there are a ton of small youtubers that definitely need more subscribers. I will include big and smaller youtubers. So here is my list, hope you enjoy:



Laura is a Spanish🇪🇸 lifestyle/fashion/beauty youtuber (or at least that is how I would categorize her). She does really cute videos about fashion and really fun vlogs as well. She is definitely a youtuber that deserves more subscribers than the ones she has.

Facts About Her: 


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-bgCGyzJTUpwqexR82FsA/videos



YesReneau is a youtuber that graduated from Harvard! I discovered her literally yesterday. She does videos on how to get straight A’s and stuff like that. She is really funny and she has some really good tips on college and talks about her experience at Harvard. Another youtuber that definitely needs more subscribers.

Facts About Her: 

  • Is good at math 📕
  • Majored in Economics 💰
  • She is really funny & down to earth 😂🌏

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yesreneau


Elevation Church.png

Elevation Church is a christian church that uploads their sermons to youtube.  Pastor Steven and Holly Furtick make amazing sermons that have really helped me understand God’s purpose for my life. So definitely check them out.

Facts About Them:

  • The church is located in North Carolina🇺🇸 (if am not mistaken).
  • The sermons are beyond good.👍🏻
  • They have music of their own🎵 ( I really like Do It Again)

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElevationOnline



Berry is a Spanish youtuber as well. She does really funny videos. I always crack up watching her videos. I discovered her channel last year. Definitely check her out.

Facts About Her:

  • Studies Children Education 📚
  • Loves Game of Thrones 📺
  • She was a viner 📱

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymuK4oCvfmSZWK4_hKAYRQ/videos



Last but not least Zoe Sugg everybody. Zoe HAD to be on this list! I just love Zoe. She seems like the most kind person ever and she is really cute and funny. To me she is the queen of youtube. She has her own beauty range, books and merch. If you love youtube and have never watched Zoe Sugg you have missed out on a lot! She has been one of my favs for years.

Facts About Her:

  • She has a puppy named Nala 🐶 (hence the dogs)
  • She loves Christmas 🎄
  • Loves the Great British Bake Off. 🍰


As always thank you for reading and a part 2 is coming soon! xx


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