The Shopping List.


To begin with I honestly do not know what purpose this article serves but regardless of that I think it might be fun, so if in any way this entertained you or even helped you do let me know haha. Enough of the ramble and lets get right into it.

The shopping list aka the things I have on my wish list but haven't got around to buy. I thought this might be a fun post because who does not love shopping?

giphy (5).gif

Without further a do here is my shopping list.

  1. Agenda:


I have been wanting one of these for like 2 years now. If you do not know about this agendas please check the link i'll leave below because they are seriously cute.

2. Casio Watch


I have been wearing the same Marc Jacobs watch since 8th grade, and I think its time for a change. I saw this Casio watch a while back and thought it was so cute, it reminds me of the 70's.


3. Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls Book

I watched this video on Facebook about what would happen if cinderella was a man and it turned out to be an ad by the women who created this amazing book. I think it so important to show girls how to be strong, confident and who they are, and that is why I am so eager to buy this book.


rebel book-

4. Glossier Makeup

Do not even get me started on this one. First of all can we talk about the packaging of this brand 😍. I really want some bits from their range and see what all the fuss is about, specially the paint clouds. I have been watching people reviewing the products creating such natural looks (which I am a fan of ). Can't wait to get my hands on their products.




5. Cooling Water from Milk Makeup


I was watching Oliva Jade reviewing Milk Makeup and she mentioned their cooling water. She said it was cooling and very hydrating. She made it sound like a really great product to have. If I buy it I will review it and let you know if its worth the money.

cooling water-

Other Stuff:

  • Le  Pliage Longchamp tote bag.


  • bkr Bottle


  • Friends T-Shirt


Hope you Enjoyed❤️

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