Peace Out Pore Treatment Strips Review


Lately, I have been seeing a lot of buzz about the Peace Out Pore Treatment Strips, which are these “re-engineered” pore strips that you leave for the entire night, and remove them in the morning. They do not work like your average pore strip, that you leave for 10 minutes and when you remove them you see the little blackheads that come out, instead the Peace Out ones absorb the oil and  it kind of traps it in the strip and once you remove it you will see circles of the junk absorbed from your pores all over it.

These strips are $19 plus tax at Sephora and it comes with 8 strips. 4 for your forehead ( or chin) and 4 for your nose. So without further a due, these are my thoughts on the peace out pore strips.


THE WAY IT FEELS: The material used for the strips is like a thick and elastic rubber, which to me seemed very cool.The strips are very comfortable especially when you take into consideration that you will be sleeping with them on your face. I would say that the only discomfort I experienced was when I used them on my chin, but it was nothing major.

THE PACKAGING: The packaging is very aesthetically pleasing and different. It opens like a flip phone and the strips come in little white ziplock style bags and it also has a free peace sign sticker. The packaging is cute, convenient and functional.


THE PRICE:  ($19). These might be the priciest strips out there (I might be wrong) but they are quite pricey for only 8 strips. Every time I used them I used 3 of them at once (One in my forehead, nose, and chin). They ran out pretty quickly. I literally was only able to use them twice. I would like for them to put more strips for the price they are charging.

USE: Before using them you must remove your makeup and wash your face so that the skin is completely clean. As I mentioned before the strips can be used on your forehead, chin, and nose but I have seen many people that struggle with back acne using them in that area.

THE RESULTS: Removing them is quite satisfying and it feels like when you remove a normal strip or peel mask. It hurts a tiny bit and the skin is left red for just a couple minutes but they are not harsh on your skin at all. Once you remove them you can see what the strip absorbed from your skin.My skin felt very clean, hydrated and detoxified after I used them and it was pretty matte as well. Throughout the day my skin did not get as oily as it usually gets and after a couple days, I noticed that my blackheads were not that noticeable anymore. I feel like if you use them regularly you can get amazing results.

TIPS: Use them over the night even though the packaging says from 4-6 hours I find that the results are better if you leave them for a little longer. I would also recommend to not use them the day before you have to be somewhere important because your skin might be red in the parts you used the strips and it might take a couple minutes for it to go away.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

COMMENTS: They also have acne dots that work the same way as the strips.

Hope you found this helpful, xx.

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