Regret or Repurchase?

Hi, lovelies!♥

Today I am going to be talking about something that I am crazy about and that is skin care! I have a pile of products that I have gone through during the last couple months and I wanted to tell you if I regret buying them or if I would repurchase them.

Let’s get started:

  1. My holy grail face wash! When I finished using the Milky Jelly Cleanser I didn’t even want to throw the bottle away. I have mentioned this product before in my Glossier Review. In a nutshell, this is the most effective, gentle and beautifully packaged face wash I have ever come across. Regret:  NEVER💕  Repurchase: ⭐️Obviously
  2.  On that same note of face washes at the beginning of the school year, I bought the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. The things I like the most about this product is the fact that it removes makeup and dirt very well, the price is great and it lasts for a long time. The downside is that after using it my face felt tight and a bit dry. This product has 3 versions of itself for different skin types. I used the dry combination formulation. Regret: Definitely not 👍🏻   Repurchase: Maybe🤔2018-05-04 20:45:32.476.JPG
  3. Now going into moisturizers, the Glossier priming moisturizer was one that I was extremely excited and nervous to try. I have already reviewed this product on my blog before so to know more about this product go check my Glossier Phase 1 Review. Regret: NOP✌🏻    Repurchase: Maybe as a summer moisturizer.☀️2018-05-04 20:46:32.021.JPG
  4.  I have got mixed feelings about this one. I think The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief was discontinued or something like that because I could find a link to it, but Clinique has different versions of this product. This moisturizer is great for oily skins and it works amazing under makeup. It is really mattifying but not that hydrating. I used this during the winter so maybe that is the reason why I felt as though it did not give as much hydration as I wanted. Regret: No  Repurchase: Yes2018-05-04 20:45:11.042.JPG
  5. This Italian brand is not known by many but I would definitely give it a go. This moisturizer is a great option for oily skins. It feels very luxurious and you get your moneys worth because it lasts for a good while. It is extremely hydrating even though it is for oily skins. Regret: NO  Repurchase: Yes👍🏻 (when my skin goes all crazy on me)2018-05-04 20:45:52.592.JPG
  6. This product I bought because a friend recommended it to me. This is a very “general” moisturizer. What I mean by that is that does not have a specific concern that is working towards like acne or hyperpigmentation. Overall it is a great moisturizer for someone who has combination skin and that is starting to get a skincare routine. Regret: Nein✌🏻  Repurchase: Yes!💕2018-05-04 20:46:09.112.JPG7. Last but not least we have a pamper evening essential; a facemask. This one by The Body Shop has tea tree which apparently is good for pimples, breakouts, you name it. This has a very fresh and minty scent to it that I love😍. Overall it is not a magic potion to get rid of your acne but it is a nice thing to have on a day were your skin needs a little love. The first time I used it burned a little but after that one time, it never has. Regret: No regrets  Repurchase: Yes! (because of the smell)2018-05-04 21:07:27.891.JPG

Hope this was helpful! Till next time xx.

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