The Shopping List.


To begin with I honestly do not know what purpose this article serves but regardless of that I think it might be fun, so if in any way this entertained you or even helped you do let me know haha. Enough of the ramble and lets get right into it.

The shopping list aka the things I have on my wish list but haven't got around to buy. I thought this might be a fun post because who does not love shopping?

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Without further a do here is my shopping list.

  1. Agenda:


I have been wanting one of these for like 2 years now. If you do not know about this agendas please check the link i'll leave below because they are seriously cute.

2. Casio Watch


I have been wearing the same Marc Jacobs watch since 8th grade, and I think its time for a change. I saw this Casio watch a while back and thought it was so cute, it reminds me of the 70's.


3. Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls Book

I watched this video on Facebook about what would happen if cinderella was a man and it turned out to be an ad by the women who created this amazing book. I think it so important to show girls how to be strong, confident and who they are, and that is why I am so eager to buy this book.


rebel book-

4. Glossier Makeup

Do not even get me started on this one. First of all can we talk about the packaging of this brand 😍. I really want some bits from their range and see what all the fuss is about, specially the paint clouds. I have been watching people reviewing the products creating such natural looks (which I am a fan of ). Can't wait to get my hands on their products.




5. Cooling Water from Milk Makeup


I was watching Oliva Jade reviewing Milk Makeup and she mentioned their cooling water. She said it was cooling and very hydrating. She made it sound like a really great product to have. If I buy it I will review it and let you know if its worth the money.

cooling water-

Other Stuff:

  • Le  Pliage Longchamp tote bag.


  • bkr Bottle


  • Friends T-Shirt


Hope you Enjoyed❤️

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July Favorites!

Hi Amigos! Its that time of the month! (not that time , the other time) Monthly Favorites Time!  I get so excited for favorites, hope you do too. So here are a few of my favorite things (of July).





Believe it or not I had not properly watched friends until now.giphy (1).gif

I remember growing up and my sister watching but it was never something I was interested in. I did not want to jump on that band wagon but I did haha and I LOVE IT! I don’t know why I waited so long to watch this show, it is so funny. #noregrets I LOVE IT.


Hummus on Toast 

I am fan of hummus. I hadn’t had it in while and the other day I went to the super market and I got some and it was a magical reencounter. I did not find pretzels in the supermarket so when I got home I had it with toast, it was so so good. I usually have hummus on toast for breakfast all the time now.


Tassel Earrings 

Lets talk fashion

giphy (2).gif

These is by far one of my favorite trends. The other day my mom got me this beautiful blue tassel earrings and ever since I have been wearing them non-stop. They can really add a nice touch to any casual outfit.


Till next post❤️

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Overcoming Trials

You know its funny when you have read a passage in the Bible and you are at a certain season in your life and you get a certain interpretation but then after a while you read it again and different stuff is happening in your life the interpretation can be the total opposite from what it was the first time. That is what has happened to me . I was going through my instagram pictures and I stumbled across a screenshot of James 1. I had posted this picture on my senior year of high school when I was struggling with getting in to college. When I read it today it blew my mind of the different interpretation I got from it, so I decided to make a post/devotional on it.

So here is what James 1:2-8 says:

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds,because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5

So what the passage says in other words is that whenever we are going to though times wether that is financially o spiritually or whatever it may be we must be joyful about it. Being joyful means trusting God and knowing that He is in control of your situation. Rejoice in the situation . Sometimes trusting God is not easy because we as imperfect humans want to solve everything ourselves and limit our unlimited God . Then in verse 3 to 4 the passage continues to says that when our faith is being tested perseverance will come and that once that happens we will be MATURE and COMPLETE! Imagine yourself as a first grader, do you remember when you had to learn how to multiply? The teacher first gave the lesson, then you had homework on it to practice and then THE TEST. In the test the teacher wouldn’t help you. You would be tested on what you had “acquired” aka multiplying skills if you passed the test you would be more than prepared to learn division and that will help you later on in your years in school! The same thing happens in our spiritual life , God teaches us through His word what he wants us to learn and put into practice and that is our faith , then in order for us to be full and complete in Him without lacking anything He tests us to prepare us for all the good things He has for us.

So what I mean to say is that take your current situation positively and trust in Him and rejoice in knowing that what He is doing is to help you be better and complete.



Favorite Youtubers Part 1

Hi guys I decided to make a little post for you guys about my favorite youtubers that do beauty, school, health etc. I decided to make this post because I really enjoy youtube and there are a ton of small youtubers that definitely need more subscribers. I will include big and smaller youtubers. So here is my list, hope you enjoy:



Laura is a Spanish🇪🇸 lifestyle/fashion/beauty youtuber (or at least that is how I would categorize her). She does really cute videos about fashion and really fun vlogs as well. She is definitely a youtuber that deserves more subscribers than the ones she has.

Facts About Her: 





YesReneau is a youtuber that graduated from Harvard! I discovered her literally yesterday. She does videos on how to get straight A’s and stuff like that. She is really funny and she has some really good tips on college and talks about her experience at Harvard. Another youtuber that definitely needs more subscribers.

Facts About Her: 

  • Is good at math 📕
  • Majored in Economics 💰
  • She is really funny & down to earth 😂🌏



Elevation Church.png

Elevation Church is a christian church that uploads their sermons to youtube.  Pastor Steven and Holly Furtick make amazing sermons that have really helped me understand God’s purpose for my life. So definitely check them out.

Facts About Them:

  • The church is located in North Carolina🇺🇸 (if am not mistaken).
  • The sermons are beyond good.👍🏻
  • They have music of their own🎵 ( I really like Do It Again)




Berry is a Spanish youtuber as well. She does really funny videos. I always crack up watching her videos. I discovered her channel last year. Definitely check her out.

Facts About Her:

  • Studies Children Education 📚
  • Loves Game of Thrones 📺
  • She was a viner 📱




Last but not least Zoe Sugg everybody. Zoe HAD to be on this list! I just love Zoe. She seems like the most kind person ever and she is really cute and funny. To me she is the queen of youtube. She has her own beauty range, books and merch. If you love youtube and have never watched Zoe Sugg you have missed out on a lot! She has been one of my favs for years.

Facts About Her:

  • She has a puppy named Nala 🐶 (hence the dogs)
  • She loves Christmas 🎄
  • Loves the Great British Bake Off. 🍰


As always thank you for reading and a part 2 is coming soon! xx


Monthly Favorites!: June

Hi amigos! Today I bring to you my monthly favorites. It is the first time that I do one of these. So, basically I will just go through all the things that I have been loving this month. Everything from food to movies.   😬



I tried acai bowls like 3 months ago at Whole Foods and I hated it! It just tasted weird and it was expensive so I decided that I disliked acai bowls, but now that I am in Honduras for vacations I saw this place on instagram called Puro Juice. They sale cold press juices and all that healthy jazz. Yesterday I ordered one of their acai bowls because I had been seeing a lot of people posting pictures of the place and the food, it looked good so why not give acai a second chance? I just have one word for the Puro Juice Acai: AMAZING. I love it now and it was cheaper. I have nothing against whole foods though haha I love it. If you are ever around here in San Pedro Sula, make sure to go.

Acai Bowl Puro Juice

Clothes & Shoes 

Zara & Stradivarius

Ok. Dear Mr. Amancio Ortega God bless your soul for creating these two stores. I am not even joking when I say this; I went to these two stores like 4 times this week! (EVERYTHING IS ON SALE😍 )without mentioning all the times I have been in the last two months! I just love their clothes, that is it really. Zara and Stradivarius are my all time favorites stores, they just do beautiful clothing at a very affordable price. These stores are in sync with my style.


Palazzo/ Culottes

These two type of pants are one of those trends that use to be super ugly but have come back and are trendy. I love these type of pants but unfortunately they do not suit me at all. I have tried like a billion pairs and they look like if I was about to fly. I still have not given up on finding the best culottes pants. I went to Zara today and found some palazzo type-ish style of pants and got them but we will see if I can find the perfect ones. I wish I found ones that looked like the ones on the picture below.



I have been loving espadrille-everything. They are just beautiful shoes, perfect for the summer. I think they add a je ne sais quoi to your outfit. I recently got some espadrilles slip on shoes and some sandals as well. I got the shoes from Pull & Bear (They say coconut🌴 )and the sandals from Bershka.




Buzzfeed Quizzes

How did I not use this before? How could I miss out on such revolutionary thing which tells you what kind of pasta are you? Okay now on a more serious note , I am obsessed and  I have to say that they have got it right several times that it even got me to really freak out, they guessed my favorite color and city! (They are yellow💛 and Madrid!🇪🇸)   This is a really fun thing to do every once in a while when you find yourself extremely bored.


Cars 3 Movie

As you may know I love animation and Pixar/Disney movies, so  of course  I had to include some type of movie in this monthly favorites. I went to see the cars movie and I am out of words. I have so much respect for the team that worked on that movie. Everything from the short film before the movie to the storyline and animation was perfection. I do not want to give out any spoilers, so PLEASE GO WATCH IT! You won’t regret it.

Car 3

I will include a list of some more favorites below because I will do a seperate post on  those really soon:

  • Davines  Purifying Shampoo
  • Kristy Yu (Youtuber)
  • Zoella Vlogs & Blog

Links to Items Featured in the Post:

Bohoo Pants:

Puro Juice :

Espadrille Shoes: I could not find any links to the shoes. Sorry

“These are a few of my favorite things.”- The Sound Of Music


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